HU Country Manager

Country Manager – Hungary
Full-time role


  • Full time – Range or
  • Self-employed – Range
    (more information about salary conditions available at


  • In-country, depending on market – Hungary


  • Primary:
    ○ Define and deliver a vision for business success of company on given markets, as well as an assertive strategy to achieve sustainable and rapid growth
    ○ Responsibility for Sales / Revenue targets for given market(s)
    ○ Advise the rest of the Executive Team in HQ in Slovakia on market conditions, helping us to align market and company strategy, and make adjustments as needed
    ○ Coordinate business activities across teams, including course content acquisition, community management and operations, local marketing, PR, and partnerships
    ○ Develop strong working relationships with company HQ in Slovakia and other Country managers from company – focusing on strong cross-functional partners to help your market to grow
    ○ Build and lead a cross-functional customer care, Country manager assistant and translators team with the right breadth of experience as well as depth of knowledge of the marketplace, one that can move quickly and learn along the way
    ○ Know and navigate the competitive landscape opportunity in your market(s), keeping an eye out for opportunities to partner or acquire other businesses in order to win the market
  • Secondary:
    ○ Represent the interests of local clients and fans, constantly pushing us to create a best-in-class local customer experience
    ○ Evaluate and plan for company local presence (store, office, etc.) in a given market(s), helping open the office/physical store (where relevant) and manage ongoing operations


  • Minimum 5 years of work experience, ideally in a previous country manager role in the e-commerce industry
  • Results-driven, with a proven track record of developing, launching and managing business endeavors in given markets, while delivering demonstrable growth
  • Deep insights on local market and consumers
  • Versatile skill-set, including but not limited to operations, business development, and marketing
  • Highly strategic, with exceptional communication skills, and capable of building strong collaboration with internal cross-functional stakeholders as well as external partners
  • High standards of professionalism, as well as Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to balance data-driven decision-making and communications with a strong empathy for the customer and instinct for the market
  • Experience navigating the legal, financial, compliance, and operational complexities of running a global e-commerce business in local market(s)
  • A passion for the health industry, life-style and a desire to create opportunities that will change lives through well-managed sport exercising, full of energy and style
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